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Dubai Kartdrome Championships

Dubai Kartdrome Championships

World Class Karting Series

Since 2005 the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship Powered by EBC Brakes is one the main highlights on the motorsport calendar.  Teams from around the world come to Dubai to challenge this extreme endurance race series.

The championship is split into four challenging rounds, each round of karting is as exciting as it gets, with every stage having a different objective.  Round One is 6 Hours of endurance racing, Round Two is run for 7 Hours and Round 3 completes 700 kilometres of distance.  Then comes round four or the Grand finale, pushing teams for a challenging 24 Hours on track.

The Endurance Championship is widely regarded as one of the most iconic endurance kart races in the world with seldom entries. 

Professional Training Programs 

Red Rabbit Racers have rendered a custom-made training curriculum for our trainees and drivers in kart racing, sports cars, formula cars, rallying, sprint rally, endurance racing, dirt track racing and off-road racing.

“Red Rabbit Racers are trained not to participate, but to outrun your rival on the track”.

It doesn’t matter if you are a child or a grown-up when it comes to choosing racing as a career. The desire for cars and racing can develop at any age, so the first thing you should do is join an advanced yet feasible motorsports racing facility with prime infrastructure engineering and world class training coach.

Red Rabbiters have hailed with a lifework to create the ideal atmosphere to bring out the talented drivers into conqueror through personalized top-notch training and complete cooperation from the academy.We will train you to learn how to read a race, create a plan and enhance your decision-making skills fast.